The Lebanese are famous for their world renown cuisine, specifically Hummus and Tabbouli (the famous Parsley Salad), as well as their international fashion designers including Elie Saab, Reem AKra, Zuhair Murad, and many others. But Olive Oil, which is at the heart of Lebanese cuisine and what makes it so YUMMY, is not just used in the cuisine. And Lebanese designers are not only from the world of fashion.

I actually gathered art, beauty, and health all in one place, this incredible organic and luxurious 100 % virgin olive oil soap bar, designed and handmade by Lebanese artisans who inherited this craft from their ancestors the Phoenicians, who were famous for their trade in the Mediterranean region and beyond.

Made of 100% Virgin Olive Oil that is extracted at 100% from olives, water, and sodium hydroxide, one of its benefits is that it has one of the highest levels of the healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, is rich in anti-oxidants and fat-soluble vitamin K and E, hence making it an ultimate skin hydrating moisturizer! Because you can never hydrate your skin too much with our skin friendly hero soap. Weight and Dimensions: 166 g. 6.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm.

Lebanese, Italian, and Spanish women shampoo their hair with olive oil soap for extra shine. I even use olive oil it as a hair mask! It is also a great makeup remover, especially for waterproof mascara!

Thank you for your patience as we finalize rebranding our, soon to be yours, great organic piece of Mediterranean heaven! Meanwhile, join me on my Mediterranean lifestyle and empowerment journey on social media.